Gabe picks up where Kat leaves off, playing the hits on Today's Wave 104.1! Spend the last few hours of your work day and your drive home with Gabe getting caught up with the latest celebrity, concert and music news while jamming out to today's best music.

A.K.A: That Radio Guy

Hometown: Crystal, MN

Education: I graduated from THE Brown College.

New Music I'm Into: I’ve been really enjoying a lot of the new Chainsmokers stuff. I’m most definitely a Directioner and a Harmonizer

Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Blow and Training Day. Any of the Mighty Ducks would make a top 10 list.

What I Watch: Game of Thrones is genius. I re-watch every Sons of Anarchy episode about twice a year. Loved the Sopranos on HBO and Narcos on Netflix as well.

When I'm not riding the Wave: I’m riding my longboard!

People think I'm: 40 and balding.

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